21 March 2008


Now we come to the [Mula]adhara Lotus. It is attached to the mouth of the Susumna, and is placed below the genitals and above the anus. It has four petals of crimson hue. Its head hangs downward. On its petals are the four letters from Va to Sa, of the shining color of gold.

In this Lotus is the square region of Prthivi [the Earth element], surrounded by eight shining spears [facing the eight points of the compass]. It is of a shining yellow color, and beautiful like lightning, as is also the Bija Dhara which is within.

Ornamented with four arms and mounted on the King of Elephants [Airaavata], He carries on His lap the child Creator [Brahma], resplendant like the young Sun, who has four lustrous arms, and the wealth of [Indra], whose lotus face is fourfold.

Here dwells the Devi Dakini by name; her four arms shine with beauty, and her eyes are brilliant red. She is resplendant like the lustre of many Suns rising at one and the same time. She is the carrier of the revelation of the ever-pure Intelligence.

Near the mouth of the Nadi called Vajra, and in the pericarp [of the Mulaadhara Lotus], there constantly shines the beautifully luminous and soft, lightning-like triangle which is Kamarupa, and known as Traipura. There is always and everywhere the Vayu called Kandarpa, who is of a deeper red than the Bandhujiva flower, and is the Lord of Beings and resplendant like ten million suns.

Inside the triangle is Svayambhu in His Linga-form, beautiful like molten gold, with His head downwards. He is revealed by Knowledge [jnaana] and Meditation [dhyaana], and is of the shape and color of a new leaf. As the cool rays of lightning and of the full moon charm, so does His beauty. The Deva who resides happily here as in Kaashi is in forms like a whirlpool.

Over [Svayambhu Linga] shines the sleeping Kundalini, fine as the fibre of the lotus stalk. She is the world-bewilderer, gently covering the mouth of Brahma-dvaara with Her own mouth. Like the spiral of the conch-shell, Her shining snake-like form goes three and a half times round Shiva, and Her lustre is as that of a strong flash of young strong lightning.

Her sweet murmur is like the indistinct hum of swarms of love- mad bees. She produces melodious poetry and Bandha and all other compositions in prose or verse in sequence or otherwise in Sanskrit, Prakrits, and other languages. It is She who maintains all the beings of the world by means of inhalation and exhalation, and shines in the cavity of the [Mulaadhara] Lotus like a chain of brilliant lights.

Within [the Svayambhu Linga around which Kundalini is curled] reigns dominant Para, the Sri-Parameshwari, the Awakener of eternal knoledge. She is the Omnipotent Kalaa who is wonderfully skilled to create, and is subtler than the subtlest. She is the receptacle of that continuous stream of ambrosia which flows from Eternal Bliss. By Her radience it is that the whole of this Universe and its Cauldron [Kataaha; the lower half of Brahmaanda] is illumined.

Those meditating thus upon Her who shines within the Mula[adhara] Chakra, with the luster of 10 million suns, they become masters of speech, rulers among humanity, and adepts in all kinds of learning. They become ever free from all diseases, and their inmost Spirit becomes full of great gladness. Pure of disposition, and with deep and musical words, they serve the foremost of the Deities.

The Yogi, who concentrates and meditates on the Muladhara Chakra, acquires the full knowledge of Kundalini and the means to awaken it. When Kundalini is awakened, he gets Darduri Siddhi, the power to rise from the ground. He can control the breath, mind and semen. His Prana enters the middle Brahma Nadi. All his sins are destroyed. He acquires knowledge of the past, present and future. He enjoys the natural Bliss (Sahaja Ananda).

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