21 March 2008


Above [the Svaadhisthaana Chakra], and at the root of the navel, is the shining Lotus of ten petals, of the color of heavy-laden rain clouds. Within it are the letters Da to Pha, of the color of the blue lotus with the Naada and Bindu above them. Meditate there on the region of Fire, triangular in form and shining like the rising sun. Outside it are three Svastika marks, and within, the Biija of Vahini himself [i.e. "Ram," the seed-mantra of Fire].

Meditate upon Him [i.e. the Biija] seated on a ram, four-armed, radiant like the rising Sun. In His lap ever dwells Rudra, who is of a pure vermilion hue. Rudra is white with the ashes with which He is smeared; of an ancient aspect and three-eyed, His hands are placed in the attitude of granting boons [i.e., vara mudra] and of dispelling fear [i.e. abhaya mudra]. He is the destroyer of creation.

Here abides Lakini, the benefactress of all. She is four-armed, of radiant body, is dark [shyaama] of complexion, clothed in yellow raiment and decked with various ornaments, and exalted with the drinking of ambrosia [i.e. She drinks the nectar dripping down from the Sahasraara, and is exalted by the Divine Energy that infuses Her]. By meditating on this Navel Lotus [naabhi-padma], the power to destroy and create the world is acquired. Vaanii [i.e. Saraswati] with all the wealth of knowledge ever abides in the lotus of the mediator's face.

The Yogi who concentrates at this Chakra gets Patala Siddhi, can acquire hidden treasures and will be free from all diseases. He has no fear at all from Agni (fire). “Even if he is thrown into the burning fire, he remains alive without fear of death.”, (Gheranda Samhita).

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